portrait of me, Caleb

Caleb Saephan


Hi, I’m Caleb!

I am experienced in REST API development and creating scalable robust microservices.

I found my love for technology when I was 3 years old and picked up my first Super Nintendo controller. Impressed by how much a machine the size of a shoebox could do, I made it my mission to become an expert in computers and technology.

Today, I find myself in love with web technology and exploring the world as a full-stack software developer. Tomorrow, I find myself working with amazing people and changing the world.

Technical Experience

  • 6+ years Full-Stack Software Development
  • 6+ years Java, Java EE
  • 6+ years JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js


This website is made with

  • Astro
  • Vue, React, Solid
  • Tailwind

Other tools I enjoy using

  • Notion
  • Excalidraw
  • eraser.io